Hungry for Christmas?


In the last post we told you about how we and our community like Christmas. We’re still counting down to the 25th but It’s time to think about food and share some ideas. And one of the best things about the bookmarks in some tags is that they’re not only beautiful but also practical.

We’ve selected a few that will be a treat for you…

What about a delicious cake, house shaped, with cream simulating snow and cookies?

If you can’t survive without your cupcake fix, you will love this one!

Bored of the same sandwich? Decorate it with a little Christmas spirit!

And these ones are so cute that It’s almost a pitty to eat them…

Christmas Cupcakes

But this last bookmark is our fav! And we’d definitely eat these little things without hesitation…

If you’ve read this far, have a wonderful holiday and Merry Christmas! And if you haven’t, enjoy them too :)


Almost Merry Christmas!


Are you counting down to Christmas? We love this time of the year!

To give our community the opportunity to express theirselves, as we did on Halloween, we’ve created a new Christmas channel. There you will find ideas to decorate your house, cakes to make on this special season, pets on Christmas costume and a lot of snow!

The tags included in this channel are: “Christmas”, “Christmas tree”, “Christmas card” and “Christmas dresses”.

Enjoy sharing!



Love is in the air…


Our Facebook community is still growing, so if you follow us, you may have notice an image that is not similar to the ones that we’ve been posting so far.

Today, we’re telling you a beautiful and unusual story. A week ago, we received an email from one of our users asking us for a favour. He had lost contact with a  gilfriend, and he wanted to get back to her again.

He told us that “Betty” was now a VisualizeUs’ facebook fan page user, and that maybe, if she saw this image, they will get together again or at least, get in touch.

He asked us if we could post an image of his profile on Facebook, where you can  read the following sentence through images:

Plz Come Back Betty :'( I feel so bad without you. You made me happy every day. It’s painful. I can’t stop thinking. I wish you leave down the street but you are so far away. The Little Things in life are important. Where are you? Don’t forget me, Miss .- Boeck”

We don’t know the details, not even if this will have an effect on Betty,  but It seems to us that this is a incredible and very romantic detail.

So we can only say:  Betty, RECONSIDER! :)


We want you! (for Betatesting)


Hey! We’ve been preparing a little surprise for you all. We’ve just finished the developement of our brand new App for Smartphones. It is set for Apple users for now, but next thing in line is the Android one!

Now we’re running some tests and we need your help to taste the final outcome!

So if you want to become one of our betatesters and participate in this experience, just write us to hello+testers [at] and don’t forget to include your Apple ID and the mail that comes with it.

Don’t forget to check the picture below. We’re so proud of the result! Beautiful!


Slideshow, Waterflow and Grid: Let’s take a tour!


Have you played with the slideshow yet? What about the waterflow mode? And the Grid?

These are three different ways of enjoying the pics that an user shares on his or her profile on VisualizeUs. Or your own posted pictures!

If you visit any user profile, you’ll find a little-grey flag, just above the profile banner, that features three different symbols:

– The first one looks like a “play” and it represents the Slideshow mode. It’s perfect if you want to relax and simply enjoy pictures! Don’t have to do anything, pics will slide automatically. We really love this feature! And It’s new!

– The second one is the Waterflow. This mode will show the images like a puzzle, with their original size.

– The third one is the Grid and It’s the classic one that will appear if you don’t select any other mode. This way, you will have access to other kind of information: similar users, most used tags, etc.

Hope you enjoy using this feature! And tell us all about it!


Our heart, the Zoom and the Flag! More features!


As you surely have noticed, we’re unveiling the secret of VisualizeUs’ features these days.

Now we want you to know better the main view and how you can use it to enjoy pics quicker.

For example, you are in “Popular” tag and see exactly 24 pictures. If you put the cursor on one of these, a kind of pop-up appears with a several icons:

The heart: You can like this picture on VisualizeUs, and edit it with your own tags. It will appear in your profile, as usual.

Zoom:  It opens the pic in its original size. Then, just press the ESC key, and you will be back to the main view again!

Flag: This is very useful to maintain the NSFW content out of the website. If you see a picture that can be considered ofenssive, use this icon and we will moderate it.

Down below, you’ll see how many likes the picture has made and how many comments.

Tell us! Do you like this feature? Do you use it often?


Find your friends!


If you want to bring friends to VisualizeUs we’ve created a feature that will make possible to enjoy the experience with them.

It’s easy. If you visit any tag, on the right side bar, you’ll see a link with “Find your friends”. Once there, you only have to connect your social network accounts (if you haven’t done it yet) and all of your friends will be featured with an “invite” button beside.  And if your contacts are already on VisualizeUs, the button beside is “follow” and will be shown in another column.

The social networks you can bring your friends from are: Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter and Flickr.

 Tell us, have you used this feature yet? :)





Halloween is a new channel until next week!


We’re getting ready for Halloween on purpose! Our users are sharing a lot of funny pictures for this season and we don’t want you to miss any of them!

Specially for the ocassion we’ve created a Halloween channel which contains all the pics tagged in “Halloween”, “Halloween Costumes”, “Halloween Pets”, “Halloween Costumes for kids” and many many more…

Have fun sharing and preparing all your stuff! That’s what it’s all about!

Here are some examples to get your Halloween ON! :)


Show your true colors!


We want to introduce you to one of the nicest (and favourited) features on VisualizeUs: The (fantastic!) Color Browsing. This one represents a whole new way to discover fresh images on VisualizeUs.

The idea is simple: you can navigate through colors.  Everytime you upload an image, we calculate and tag the main colors. And to do that, you just follow this easy proccess:

1. Explore the different colors just under the pic you’re watching.

2. Click in the color you like the most, and you’ll see a selection of pics which are tagged with that one.

3. Once there, you can keep discovering new colors playing with the palette on the right sidebar block.



New features, new channels


Let’s talk about channels!

Finding the pics you like can get a little messy without any organisation. As we don’t want you to miss anything, we’ve created “Most Popular Pictures“. And it’s so important to us that we’ve set it at the top of the page!

So, what happens when you click it? A roll-over menu opens displaying popular pictures, channels and fresh pictures. Fancy a tour? :)

Popular pictures show images that have been  shared a lot by users on VisualizeUs without any filter tag.

In Channels you  get to see all pictures tagged as the name of the channel, or synonymous. For example, if you open the photography channel, you’ll see all pictures tagged with “photography”, “pictures”, “images”, etc. There are 10 channels that we’ve selected for you: Photography, Design, Illustration, Fine Art, Nature, Street Art, Typography, Fashion, Quotes and Crafts.

And Fresh pictures show recently favourited pictures by the community.

The rest is up to you! Find, share and enjoy your time on VisualizeUs.