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Little tiny bits (III): Google Buzz, improved Search, related pictures…

improvements,new things — Victor on August 10, 2010 at 8:37 pm

Summer time, but here we go again! More little tiny bits you’d like to known about. These ones are mostly from users’ feedback:

  • Related pictures: Some time ago (it seems like yesterday!) I was forced to disabled the related pictures recommendations you see in each picture page because it was a killing-performance feature for the current server in that moment. Now after some hard work optimizing it, I’m so glad to announce the return of the related pictures! It’s amazing how well it works, so give it a try!
  • Improved Search: Now you can sort your search results by popularity, relevance or date. Also you can choose whether to include NSFW pictures in the results or not. Thanks to Kemie for the suggestion and continuous feedback on this one ;)
  • Hotkeys scrolling: Thanks to a suggestion and some code contribution from Metello, now you can scroll down to the next unseen row of pictures with the “Space” key, or just to the next row of pictures with the “j” key. Also a Twitter conversation with @MaxwellUhamzing makes me remind you that you also have the A/S/D/F hotkeys available ;)
  • Integrating with Google Buzz: Now you can use the rel="me" attribute in your profile, in order to link your VisualizeUs account with Google Buzz. You can find out more in this how-to. Thanks to John for this one ;)
  • Comments notification: Probably some of you have already noticed this one. When someone comments on one of your bookmarks, you will receive a mail notification. Of course, you can choose to switch off these notifications in your Account Settings ;) Also you can now see the last comments that someone made in his/her profile (for example).

Hope you like these improvements!



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