VisualizeUs on the cloud!


Hey all!

After an intense weekend of migration, and the rest of the following week tweaking zillions of things, we can proudly say that Visualize Us is running on the cloud! That doesn’t mean we have our head in the clouds, but our servers! (yeah, bad joke :D)

We’re using the awesome Amazon EC2 infrastructure to run VisualizeUs, and probably in the following days we’d give a more techie approach about our setup for those of you interested. We’re sure EC2 is going to provide us with all the scalability we are needing in a easy and painless way!

As a bit of an anecdote, we spent the Friday night awaken just chasing a darn bug, obviosly with the site completely down (sorry for that!). It was kind of a hackathon but bug oriented ;) That’d proved our point about migrations: No matter how well you test everything beforehand, just expect everything possible to strangely fails at the last moment!

So, enough for the words, let’s just get inspired!!


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