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VisualizeUs user survey

general,improvements — Victor on January 25, 2010 at 7:14 pm

Hey there!

The other day I received this mail from Joan:

Hi Victor, I’m on a small team of 4 graduate students at the University of
Washington. We’re interested in learning more
about your site as we’re researching social bookmarking sites. We have a
proposed survey for your users, it would be really nice if you could blog
about it and we’d be interested in doing more to help out.

Joan is part of a team together with Amanda, Nicole and Charles at the University of Washington in Seattle, USA. Their class is titled, “User-Centered Design” in the department of Human-Centered Design and Engineering.

So after reading his email, I liked a lot the idea. I took a look to the survey and it was very clear to me: At the same time the VisualizeUs community would be helping Joan and her friends to get A+ in their class, it would be helpful for the site and the future improvements as well to know better the community interests. A classic win-win scenario ;)

So please, spend 5 minutes of your day filling the survey! Is painless and easy, and it will make a lot of people happy, you among them as a VisualizeUs user!

Here’s the survey:

From Joan and her friends, and also from me, a big thanks in advance!


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