Hotkeys and some interface improvements


Finally you can browse Visualizeus with only one hand, and even more, with only one key! But consider yourself warned: It’s addictive. Period. A lot more than before.

So, I’ve followed the usual j/k hotkeys approach to scroll up and down the site, similar as Google Reader does, plus some a/s/d/f hotkeys bonus, for those like me with one hand in the w/a/s/d area and the other in the mouse (yeah, too much Q3 in the early days). Also the space key is handy ;)

Just play around and see which combination works better for you!


Go to next page just using a key!

Some other random user interface improvements are below. Suggestions are welcomed, as always!

Autocomplete tags now when bulk editing
Redesigned the contacts sidebar
More visible actions for each user
Nicer welcome message
New tag rename form


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  1. Hi,
    I see that you knew the code invitation on Lookbook,but it was right last year,do you know the new one?
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