VisualizeUs extension now compatible with Firefox 3.5


Just a short post to let you know that the VisualizeUs Firefox add on is now compatible with the new 3.5 version. I’ve received a lot of mails about this issue so I’ve been working hard to release it as fast as possible.

I’ve just uploaded it to the Mozilla Add-ons official page but will take a couple of days until an editor review it and make it public. So, till then you can upgrade your current version by hand installing yourself the new version:

Some of the changes and bug fixes in the new version:

  • Compatible with Firefox 3.5
  • Added support for frames: Before when posting images from a framed page the url of the image was wrongly retrieved and the image never got a thumbnail.
  • Better support for Tumblr and Google Reader: Now if you bookmark a picture from your Tumblr Dashboard, it will get the proper reference URL, not the internal dashboard one. Same for Google Reader (credit goes to Metello for this one!)
  • Faster! Some users have experienced some slowness when starting Firefox, because of the way the extension loaded. Now this is fixed and the extension is faster than ever ;)
  • Fixed bug with Google Calendar: With the old version of the add on, the arrow image to go back in your Google Calendar disappeared.

Thanks to all of you who reported those issues!


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  1. sent you an email, but in case you get bogged down with those, just wanted to say thanks for the fix. And sorry I didn’t see the blog post about it.

    you da man. ^_^

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