Little tiny bits


I’ve been working in the shade in some tiny bits that have been running in the site for a while, but, although tiny, I think they also deserve their five minutes of fame!

  • Deep linking from Flickr and author attribution

    Every image bookmarked from Flickr get automatically the proper author recognition, and also no matter what image you bookmarked (from the “All Sizes” section, from any pool, from the author Flickr page…) it will always point back to the author Flickr page. Also, as a bonus, proper license display is provided in the Flickr pictures. That’s all thanks to their wonderful API!

  • Source of the image in all RSS feeds

    Now all images in feeds included a “via” link, so you can easily go to the original source where the image was found from your RSS reader.

  • Real time feeds

    Maybe at some point you noticed that the feed for your account wasn’t completely fresh. That was a normal issue, because feeds got updated twice per hour to avoid huge load on the server. But hey, we’re in the Happy Hour here, so forget about the “twice per hour” thing, from now on your user feed will always be as fresh as it gets!

  • Permalinks to images meets duplicate hunting

    Remember the duplicate hunting? As an image got bookmarked in VisualizeUs, usually it got spread around blogs, tumblrs, twitters, friendfeed streams… Ugly things happened when this image got suddenly merged with its older and more popular sister because of the duplicate hunting. You can imagine: Not Found links, broken images and so on. That’s why the permalinks are truly permalinks in VisualizeUs! No matter what duplicates are merged or when, you will always been able to get back to the image. It’s kind of a “behind the curtain” thing, but without it, the mess would be horrible ;)

  • Difference between “liked” and “found”

    Now there’s a small and sutile difference if you found the image around internet, or whether you like it from another VisualizeUs user. It’s a small difference, but hey, some times the small differences make the change. Probably I will add more things based on this feature, like browsing only your liked pictures, and so on.

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3 thoughts on “Little tiny bits”

  1. About “Permalinks to images meets duplicate hunting”
    It’s a bit tricky, because any URL in a feed could change any time!
    And if the url change, Google Reader (and many many other feed reader) thinks it’s a brand new image!
    So i see the same image over and over every day :(

  2. Not really… You maybe see the same image in a feed because the duplicate hunting doesn’t happens in realtime. So until the image is merged with the old one, appears in the feeds. But the url doesn’t change for neither of them.

    If you have some clear example in mind, send it to me to the mail, and I’ll take a deep look ;)

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