iView: iPhone app for browsing images


The other day I stumbled upon this free iPhone/iPod Touch application, and think that maybe some of you may find it interesting. Disclaimer is that I don’t have any of those devices, iPhone or iPod Touch, so I’ve been unable to test it properly.

iView seems originally conceived for Tumblr users, as an easy way to browse their dashboards, and reblogging images in their own Tumblr. But it also provides ways to browse another sources of inspiring images, such as Flickr, Ffffound or (here the best part ;)) VisualizeUs. It has some interesting features, like support for rotation for landscape images, or

So, iPhone lucky users give it a shot and leave your opinion in the comments. I’d like to hear how it’s the user experience of browsing VisualizeUs with iView ;)

iView official webpage
Install iView from the AppStore