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Hi all!

Now you can display your last favorite images on your web page with this badge (aka, “widget”). It’s something a lot of you were asking for, and there wasn’t a really easy painless way to do it.

But now there is ;) Just select your options, like number of images to display or color scheme, and copy and paste the generated chunk of code into your website, where you’d want the badge to be. You can customize it even more if you know a little of CSS, styling it to match your site design without problems. This is how a typical badge would look like:

And here’s a working example on my blog. For the “I want to know more” tech guys, the widget is based on a JSON output of your content, which opens a lot of possibilities if you think of it as an small read only API. I will post about it in the future, giving more details.

Don’t wait more. Spread the word. Make your VisualizeUs badge now!.

update: I’ve fixed some minor errors in the badge CSS, nothing serious, but if you care about CSS validation, you may want to update your badge ;)


15 thoughts on “Badge with your favorites for your site”

  1. Is it possible to use this wdget without >li>?
    I want show the last 6 images in 2 rows and have delete some code, the code with the tags but it doesn’t work :/


  2. Hi Denis, of course, you can customize it as you can. In fact, I have it in two rows in my blog.

    You don’t have to change the “li” thing, just using the CSS embed in the badge code you can achieve it. For example, coming back to my blog example, I only have to tweak the widh in the ul#visualizeus element, and adjust it to 285px, to get the two rows ;)

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