Introducing… superpowers to your account: VisualizeUs PLUS


It’s been a while since we started with VisualizeUs back in 2007, before the whole Pinterest era, and truth is things have changed quite a lot. During all this time we’ve tried to make the project sustainable through advertising, which we consider was the straightest way to pay the bills and allows us focus in the important thing: keep giving a good service to the fast-growing community of visual curators (that’s you!). But truth is we haven’t really pay attention to the users who wanted to contribute in a different way, supporting and backing the project without the visual noise of the banners polluting the site.

Till now.

Say hello to VisualizeUs PLUS, a nice way to support the project you love and get some cool things at the same time!

So, what’s in it for you?

Synchronize your VisualizeUs account with Dropbox

This is a great way to have a backup of your big or small but very valuable collection in your hard drive and also in your Dropbox account. It opens up some great possibilities as well, like using your pics for your desktop wallpaper or screensaver (feeding it from the Dropbox local folder on your computer), working closely with your collection (scrapbooking, compositions, inspiration boards, moodboards…) and so more!

Browse blazingly fast and without any visual noise

Straight to the point: no ads. Bye, ciao, adios, arrevoire Mr. Banner.

And with no banners it comes the visual peace, the zen, the clean layout, the pure visual experience we always intended with VisualizeUs where the pictures are the king and queen of the content.

And as a sweet bonus you get amazing speed to browse among the vast collection of curated great content. That’s because ads and banners always requires some 3rd party load from each advertising network that makes the page slow to load and the whole browsing experience sluggish. Without those external loads we can make a finer control of the experience and deliver you the content quickly.

Expose your artwork to thousands of hundreds

With the PLUS account you can upload your own pictures to VisualizeUs (so cool!), either your great artwork to increase your exposure as an artist or your cool weekend Instagram pics to increase your following base. You’ll be exposing your pictures to thousands of hundreds avid visual consumers like yourself looking for their daily inspiration!

Last but not least, support the site you love (so it can keep running!)

As I said at the beginning, we’ve tried all this time to make VisualizeUs sustainable through advertising. Till recently we’ve been able to pay the bills with advertising, but now that’s changing. In other words, we’ve now learned that putting all the eggs in the same unstable unreliable basket is no good.

As you probably know we’re two regular guys (no superpowers sadly) running a huge site. There’re not fancy titles around like CFO (Chief of the Fearless Omelette) or CEO (Chief of the Eccentric Oyster). Just Antonio and Victor. This is our daily full time job so it’s also the one that pays our rents and our food (and for our families too!).

The PLUS account is the best way to support both VisualizeUs and the team that keep the whole thing running in the background. And at the same time, boost your karma for giving back. Expect good things to happen after you go PLUS!

We’ve tried to pack into the PLUS account the most requested features you’ve been asking us during all this time. We may have plans to launch some new features in the future, like collections (shared and private) that will only be available to PLUS users and not for free accounts. It’s our way to thank you for your support and love.

Hope you find VisualizeUs PLUS valuable!
To upgrade your account and find out more, just click here.

Antonio and Victor, the VisualizeUs Crew.


Cool Artist of the June: Johannes Heuckeroth


We’re still amazed by the pictures of the Cool Artist of June on VisualizeUs. First, his name, he’s Johannes Heuckeroth, an 27-year-old graphic designers who has a magic vision for beautiful things. He loves photography, specially the architectural one. That’s why he usually photographs awesome buildings all over the world.

“I want to experience the world and share my vision of photography“, says Heuckeroth in his site. He also takes pictures of landscapes and they’re brilliant, too.

Looking through his work, we stand out the different Paris series and the Dubai one. Of course, the rest deserve a good look, too. Johannes has photographed great and futuristic buildings like the Philologische Bibliothek in Berlin, the Museum für Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt or the amazing building that BMW World, the amazing building that BMW has in Munich.

Johannes has been featured in several online publications and has been interviewed in many ocassions. There’s no doubt: he’s a truly artist!

Philologische Bibliothek in Berlin by Johannes Heuckeroth
Philologische Bibliothek in Berlin by Johannes Heuckeroth
BMW World, by Johannes Heuckeroth
BMW World, by Johannes Heuckeroth
Museum für Moderne Kunst by Johannes Heuckeroth
Museum für Moderne Kunst by Johannes Heuckeroth
Paris by Johannes Heuckeroth
Paris by Johannes Heuckeroth



DIY of the Month: Personalized Mugs by ‘A Beautiful Mess’


FIY fan-atics! Today we’re featuring Elsie+Emma, two girls who run a blog with a great name: “A beautiful mess“. Their projects are really awesome and they have a wonderful taste when it comes to decoration, fashion or arts in general.

This DIY  is specially easy to craft, we promise. You only have to use your imagination, an oven, a cup and a special pen.

What do you need to make it come true? 

– A sharpie (you choose the color/colors)

– A piece/pieces of porcelain dish. A mug is always a great idea.

– An oven

– Your creativity (this one is not optional ;) )

DIY of the Month on VisualizeUs

Now let’s get to work!

Think of an image, a quote, a letter you love and simply draw it carefully on the mug. Then, put it in the oven and bake it for 30 minutos at 350 degrees.

This idea is GREAT for special gifts, for example, on a wedding. Let us know if you try this at home. And of course, enjoy!


Introducing… VisualizeUs Official App for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad


We’ve been working on a big surprise for a long time and (finally) the time has come to share the great news with you. We’re releasing today the official VisualizeUs App for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!

Wondering why?

Simple. We’ve heard you. The site is not as functional as it could be when you’re in the go, better said it’s not functional. Period. Instead of investing hundreds of hours making it responsive, we decided to go a step further and provide you with the ultimate functional working version: a native iOS App. It has cost us great effort, but we’ve finally made it!

So…how does it work?

It’s as easy and functional as the site itself, even more. With the VisualizeUs app you can keep bookmarking awesome picture from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad; and enjoy all the great finding by your inspiration circle.

The official features are: 

– Save and collect your favourite pictures On the Go, directly from your iPhone or iPad.

– Enjoy more than seven million inspiring pictures Retina Display optimize and Ads-Free, with thousands fresh ones every day.

– Flow freely with our Waterflow and discover new Pictures, by Color Browsing or using our personalized recommendations.

– Share the pictures you like with your Social Friends and Followers with two taps, and showcase them to the world!

How much does it cost?

You can buy the app for just 0,99$. Cheaper than chewing gum and way more durable!

Where can I get it?

You can download it directly from the App Store, through this link > VisualizeUs App

How can I leave my feedback?

We’d love to read your thoughts and suggestions about our first version of the App. If you want to share, send us an email to hello [@]

I’m going to keep browsing VisualizeUs from my iPad… it’s addictive!


Mixing the mixes: Dreamy bedrooms.


Are you decorating your bedroom? Looking for ideas? In this post you will find different choices that will inspire your own creativity and will give you some ideas to transform this special room into a sanctuary.
When it comes to decorate a space like this one, you have to choose carefully the furniture, the colors, the curtains, the textils, all the accessories, and the most challenging thing of all: make them combine.

But don’t panic, and take a look a these pics!

The bedroom decoration in this case is based mainly in the accesories. Looks like a forest! The colors are very soft, we love it.

bedroom design decor ideas interior

This one has an interesting choice of  paint colors and the textils match wonderful.

pinned image

Yellow, grey, turqueise and white never combined so well! And the headboard is so beautiful

no link - from computer - probably

The lights in a bedroom are essential, too

best photos 51 best photos of the week (64 photos)

Soft colors plus black and white pictures is a safe choice.

modern kids by marie burgos design

What a beautifl natural light! Make the most of the sun and use it with intelligence in your decoration.

desire to inspire - - karl anderson +1

Choose carefully your canvas and transmit your personality in every corner of the bedroom.

eclectic bedroom bed

The wallpaper will make the difference. What a smart choice of colors!

made by girl @ table tonic


Best recipe of …Nutella Peanut Butter Cookies (without baking) EVER!


Friday is a wonderful day for cooking with the weekend ahead and all those plans. We were looking for yummy pics with yummy recipes when we found a wonderful website called The Kitchn that will save you if you ever don’t know what to cook or want to make something special.

Today we’re sharing a good one, full with sugar and easy to make: Nutella Peanut Butter Cookies by Nealey Dozier for The Kitchn.

recipe: no-bake nutella peanut butter cookies
Originally found by on VisualizeUs Photography by Nealey Dozier

The ingredients you’ll need:

Three tablespoons- butter

1/2 cup of granulated sugar

1/4 cup of milk

Two cups rolled oats

One tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder

1/4 cup peanut or hazelnut butter

3/4 cup Nutella hazelnut spread (or 1 cup chocolate chips)

Two tablespoons hazelnut liqueur (optional)


Time to work. The preparation:

1. Take the butter and melt it over medium-low heat in a pan. The, add sugar, cocoa powder and milk and mix until they combine.

2. Go back to the peanut butter and stir Nutella and Frangelico until melted. Then, add the oats. Continue stiring until all of the ingredients are combined.

3. Reduce the heat to lowest.

4. Quickly, take a scoop (an ice cream one will do) and shape the balls. Place them on a safe place.

5. Refrigerate for thirty minutes util firm…and you’re done!


Cool Artist of April: John J. Hunn


John Joseph Hunn is so cool. We knew about him through a Facebook recommendation and we were impressed since the first second. He’s a contemporary artist and his works has provided him with several awards.

From Saint Louis, Missouri, he’s been a professor and have been featured in exhibitions since 1986. Her work goes from altar pieces (very interesting ones!), to saint paintings, pastels or beautiful drawings. He often choose women as models and every painting is a journey through different art periods. We recommend you to visit John Hunn’s website where you can enjoy part of his work.

Here’s an example of an altar piece.

‘Saint Stephanie’ a pastel on Panel 15″x12″

‘Fawn’ a Pastel on panel 15”x15”

‘Saint Robert’ Pastel on Panel 12”x9”


Graphite On Panel 64” x 30”

‘J.R.’ On panel J.R. 31”x22”

That’s impressive, huh?


DIY of the Month: A Memo Frame by Shanty 2 Chic


We love to discover new blogs, specially if they’re hosted by creative people like the one we’re presenting today: Shanty 2 Chic. We ran into them because of a DIY project we liked, a beautiful Memo Frame to hang your favourite pictures.

Shanty 2 Chic was born in 2009, two sisters Withney and Ashley, who decided to make their passion come true by crafting beautiful projects, just after they moved to new homes that needed to be decorated. Shanty 2 Chic’s project gallery goes from furniture, gifts, wall decor, and of course, DIY crafts. As usual, we recommend you to take a look at their work, It’s worth it!

The Memo Frame is sooo easy to craft but looks beautiful and yours will be unique!

What do you need to make it come true? 

– An Empty Frame

– Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch of the color you like

– Twine

– An Staple Gun

Now let’s get to work!

 1. Take the empty frame and clean it, take off all the dust moths. 

2. Secure the area with newspapers.

2. Give it a coat of the Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch of the color you’ve chosen.

4. Wait for it to dry.

5. Add the twine as you want, securing in the back of the frame with the staple gun.

6. Add the pictures you like. You can use clothespins!

Hope you enjoy crafting it! We sure did!


Mixing the mixes: Life in vintage black & white.


Who can resist to a good black and white mix of images? If you follow VisualizeUs in Twitter and Facebook, you’ve probably realized that we love this kind of pictures. They’re so elegant and classy. Today we’ve made a special selection, with comments…

This lady seems to be very comfortable in this strange chair. Black and white suits her, there’s no doubt. It’s beautiful!

grandma was hot

Almost a kiss. Happiness in the sea. Awesome pic!

Elliott Erwitt couple

Beware of the scissors, little lady.

housewife / vvitch

What about this curious image? Grass has grown so much! Time to cut it in underwear.

ffffound! vintagephoto: 1938 underwater photography by bruce mozertom

The white veil doesn’t let you see anything, girl! Turn the color on.

eugenio recuenco - vogue novias

Grey in the foggy city. 

new york in black and white - wired new york forum

Riding up the walls. Love this pic!

moment of zen: and now, your jalopnik moment of zen...

Audrey Hepburn never disappoint us… Beautiful as usual.

audrey hepburn by erwin blumenfeld

…and this is the best End ever! Lovely and sweet.

paul newman and joanne woodward


Are you ready for The Best Chocolate Banana Split Cake EVER?


Yummy day! If you are tired to say ‘I don’t know what to cook today’ every single day, we’re making it easy to you. Let’s have some fun and make this banana split cake that tastes as good as it looks.

Chocolate-Banana Split Dessert recipe

The ingredients you’ll need:

Thirty Oreo cookies

Eight ounces of cream cheese

1/4 cup of sugar

Six tablespoon of butter, melted

Two tablespoon milk

Four bananas, sliced

Whipped topping

Two packages of chocolate instant pudding

3 1/4 cups of milk

1/3 cup of red maraschino cherry

2 tablespoons of  chocolate syrup

1/4 walnuts, chopped

Now, get on with it! The preparation:

Mix the cookie crumbs and butter and press them to the bottom of a dish. Put in the fridge until is ready to use.

Then, Beat cream cheese with sugar and 2 T of milk in a medium bowl, with whisk blended inside. Stir in one cup of whipped topping and finally spread over crust.

Top with the sliced bananas.

Now beat the pudding with the 3 1/4 cup of milk with whisk two minutes and then spread over the bananas. Let it be for five minutes until it gets thickened; cover it with the topping that remains.

Refrigerate for four hours. And finally, top your super-cake with nuts, cherries and syrup.

The last step is the best one: Enjoy your work of art!

Send us your pictures!